Use this bulk validator to check if one or more URLs (up to 100) are valid Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). If a submitted URL is not AMP, the tool will look for an AMP URL linked to via the rel="amphtml" tag and test it. This testing tool is using the official AMP Project validator but also checks the implementation of your AMP URLs: does the referenced canonical URL point back to the AMP with a rel="amphtml" tag?

Looking for a validator with online HTML editor? Here you go: AMP HTML Code Testing Tool

Submitted URL Status Redirect URL Is AMP? rel="amphtml" AMP URL Status Redirect URL Is AMP? rel="canonical" rel="amphtml" (from canonical URL) URL Status Validation Implementation
{{request.submitted_url.url}} {{request.submitted_url.status_code}} {{request.submitted_url.status_text}} {{request.submitted_url.redirect_url}} {{request.submitted_url.is_amp}} {{request.submitted_url.amphtml}} {{request.amp_url.url}} {{request.amp_url.status_code}} {{request.amp_url.status_text}} {{request.amp_url.redirect_url}} {{request.amp_url.is_amp}} {{request.amp_url.canonical.url}} {{request.amp_url.canonical.amphtml}} {{request.amp_url && request.amp_url.url || request.submitted_url.url}} Referenced from submitted URL: {{request.submitted_url.url}} {{request.amp_url && request.amp_url.status_code || request.submitted_url.status_code}} {{request.amp_url && request.amp_url.status_text || request.submitted_url.status_text}} {{!request.amp_url && 'no amp' || !request.amp_url.is_amp && 'not amp' || request.amp_url.validation.pass && 'pass' || 'fail'}} Not AMP and not linking to an AMP URL Not AMP Show Errors {{!request.amp_url && '-' || !request.amp_url.is_amp && '-' || request.amp_url.implementation.pass && 'pass' || 'fail'}} {{request.amp_url.implementation.error}}

AMP Errors: {{amp_errors_url}}

Message Line Column Documentation
{{error.message}} {{error.line}} {{error.col}} {{error.specUrl}}