Is your site ready for Google's mobile-first index? This tool compares your mobile and desktop pages and reports on discrepencies between SEO signals (canonical, meta robots, hreflang tags, etc.), content (page title, links, alt="text", etc.) and structured data markups. It also checks if your page is mobile-friendly via Google's API.

Want to know more about mobile optimization? We've got you covered with The Road to Mobile-First:

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Crawling / Indexing

Desktop Mobile Notes
URL {{data.desktop.url}} {{}} {{ != data.desktop.url && 'Separate URLs' || 'Responsive Web Design or Dynamic Serving'}}
Crawlable {{data.desktop.crawl_status.applied_rule.rule || 'Not blocked via robots.txt'}} {{ || 'Not blocked via robots.txt'}}
Status {{data.desktop.status_code}} {{data.desktop.status_text}} {{}} {{}}
Robots tag {{data.desktop.robots}} {{}}
Link rel="canonical" {{data.desktop.canonical}} {{}}
Link rel="alternate" media
If set to [only screen and (max-width: 640px)]
{{}} {{}}
Vary: user-agent
Recommended if dynamic serving
hreflang Tags {{data.desktop.hreflang.count}} {{}}


Desktop Mobile Notes
Page Title {{data.desktop.content.page_title}} {{}}
Meta description {{data.desktop.content.meta_description}} {{}}
Heading 1 {{data.desktop.content.h1}} {{}}
Words {{data.desktop.content.word_count}} {{}}
Images (w/ alt="text") {{data.desktop.images.count}} ({{data.desktop.images.alt_count}}) {{}} ({{}})
Links (nofollow) {{data.desktop.links.count}} ({{data.desktop.links.nofollow_count}}) {{}} ({{}})
Structured data markups {{data.desktop.schema.count}} {{}}

Google Tests

Desktop Mobile Notes
Mobile-friendly {{mft.error}} Test results
PageSpeed Insights {{psi.desktop}} {{psi.desktop}} /100 {{}} {{}} /100 Test results


Desktop Mobile Notes
Source URL alt Attribute Count Source URL alt Attribute Count
{{img.desktop_src}} {{img.desktop_alt_text}} {{img.desktop_count}} x{{img.desktop_count}} {{img.mobile_src}} {{img.mobile_alt_text}} {{img.mobile_count}} x{{img.mobile_count}} Show image


Structured Data

Desktop Mobile Notes
Format @type Name Format @type Name
{{markup.desktop_format}} {{markup.desktop_type}} x{{markup.desktop_count}} {{markup.desktop_name}} {{markup.mobile_format}} {{markup.mobile_type}} x{{markup.mobile_count}} {{markup.mobile_name}}

hreflang Tags

Desktop Mobile Notes
hreflang Language Region href Source hreflang Language Region href Source
{{tag.desktop_hreflang}} {{tag.desktop_language}} {{tag.desktop_region}} {{tag.desktop_href}} {{tag.desktop_source}} x{{tag.desktop_count}} {{tag.mobile_hreflang}} {{tag.mobile_language}} {{tag.mobile_region}} {{tag.mobile_href}} {{tag.mobile_source}} x{{tag.mobile_count}}