HTML snapshots, pre-rendering, dynamic rendering... regardless the name and specifics of the implementation, the result is usually a different HTML response based on the user agent making the request. Use this tool to check what content is being served to different user agents.

Invalid URL
All None {{}}{{user_agent.token}}
URL User Agent User Agent String Status Redirect Page Title Meta Description H1 Word Count Image Count Link Count Vary: User-Agent MD5 Meta Robots Link Canonical
{{request.url}} {{request.user_agent_name}} {{request.user_agent_string}} {{request.status_code}} {{request.status_text}} {{request.redirect}} {{request.page_title}} {{request.meta_description}} {{request.h1}} {{request.word_count}} {{request.img_count}} {{request.link_count}} {{request.vary_user_agent}} {{request.md5}} {{request.meta_robots}} {{request.canonical}}