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  • Thanks for listening and welcome to the lab!
  • We’re going to launch episodes on Mondays!
  • This season is going to be 7 episodes, focused on eCommerce
  • Reach out with any questions, thoughts to seointhelab [at] merkleinc.com!
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[00:00:15] Alexis Sanders:

“Hello, Hello and welcome to SEO in the lab. My name is Alexis Sanders. I am a senior SEO manager at Merkle as well as part of Merkle’s SEO Tech team, and I’m so excited to host this podcast!

The purpose of this is really to learn about other professionals in our industry, what they’re going through, and ultimately garner some advice for them that could be translated into their career.

The name SEO in the Lab is something that’s really special to us at Merkle.  At Merkle Pittsburgh, the office that I work in, we have a biweekly tradition that we call SEO Lab, which is a meeting where all participants come together to explore, discuss, play and ultimately learn more about the craft of SEO.It’s also a casual environment that encouraged engagement as well as growth, which is something that I really wanted to bring to this podcast.  And I think ultimately (this podcast is) going to be something that’s really useful for everyone.

Season one is going to be about seven episodes (after this one). We’re going to update on Mondays, and there’s a primary focus on eCommerce in season one, so get excited. We’re going to be learning about what people at major Fortune 500 companies are going through in their SEO department and from the recordings (we) have done have been really good. (So I’m really excited).

This podcast, even though this is the early stages, we already have so many people to thank, starting with Max Prin for building our website https://technicalseo.com/insights/podcast/. Check that out for notes, transcriptions and bonus content! All that’s coming soon and I think you guys are going to love it!

Second, thank you to Andrew Galuppo and Cheryl Sansonetti from marketing for coordinating pretty much everything (outside of the podcast making) and Mia Evans for editing all of our transcripts from Amazon transcribe! I don’t know what I would do without you!

Thank you so much as well as to Han Shen and for our intro and outro music.

And then, of course, last but not least, all of the guest for this season! Thank you so much in advance. We’re really excited! I’m super excited to show the stuff with you. It’s so useful and I’m super psyched about it!

If you guys have any questions, we have an email that you can reach out seointhelab [at] merkleinc.com. Reach out with questions. Thoughts be back in the future or if you have thoughts already, which would be awesome. And you can also reach me personally at on Twitter at @AlexisKSanders.

Thanks so much! This is Alexis. Signing off.”