We’re launching a new game called “the search”, available on technicalseo.guru (Max Prin had the domain and it fits our sense of humor to add a silly technical SEO game here).

What is the game about?

It’s an RPG centered around an SEO, aptly named Seo (pronounced see-oh), and her adventures in the search world. In the game Seo answer’s crate/box/treasure/flame/crystal-spirit’s SEO-related questions, defeats everyday SEO monsters/bosses, gains skills, gets new tools (weapons), and can make friends to help her in her travels.

There are 18+ SEO practitioners/experts who are present in the game (huge thank you to all participants!!). They’ll help you gain experience and give special prizes.

Is it fun?

Well, I’m not a game designer, so … probably not *that* fun. And I’ll admit, the plot is basically non-existent (so don’t expect much). 

Buuuuuut, I think its purpose of – being a goofy, SEO-themed, trivia-based RPG is served. And I hope that people will enjoy it for what it is.

Basically, cut me a lot of slack here… it’s meant to be goofs.

How do you recommend playing the game?

Well, first set Dash mode within the option to “ON”.

Also, if you don’t want sounds, mute the tab or modify in the system options.

There’s really two ways:

  1. Exploratory – (I recommend this way) explore and enjoy the SEO trivia, try to buy things from venders/ vending machines. It’s meant to be a simple, stress-free introduction to technical SEO.
  2. Speed run – try to get through the game as fast as possible. Let me know your time. Because, why not?


The game is designed as a foil to the technicalseo.expert challenge. Both started off as being designed for learning/skill-development. However, how they approach that goal is very different. The technical SEO expert challenge is more black-box and the clues can be esoteric. It’s a scavenger hunt to find information, requiring some attacking the problem.

Conversely technicalseo.guru is designed to be accessible for anyone who wants to play a game and learn. There’s no stress for getting something wrong, as the question remains available, until the correct answer is selected. It’s a bit goofier and more laid back.


Yeah, why not. For the first six people to DM the secret code at the end of the game. Why six, idk, I just like the number six.

How long did this take?

I’m not sure. I started with the idea in early August. I think the item inventory tool the longest…

Will there be updates to the game?

I plan to add more SEOs/personalities of the industry in the game with special items. . So, you may see some new faces in future updates.

Can I play on my phone?

It kind of works. But it’s wayy easier to play on desktop!

If I leave the site and come back will my save exist?

Yeah, it stores cookies, so your save points will exist. I don’t to use them in any way, it’s built into RPG maker.

How do I save?

Step over a green, healing/save tile or right before you fight a “boss”, it’ll give you an option to save. You can also do through the menu.

Any last words of advice?

Idk, have fun.

Don’t start on a Monday morning.

How do I contact you with important relevant stuff (like memes)?

Reach out with questions, thoughts, memes, or whatever on twitter @AlexisKSanders.