UX is not just about simplicity and design, it is how users experience a site.

Experiencing a site boils down to three things:

  • Getting to the site.
  • Exploring content.
  • Converting or satisfying a need.

In an organic search journey, this experience manifests through landing on a page from the SERP and clicking through internal links to find related content or convert.

It’s these interactions – the user’s interactions – that showcase just how important the user’s site experience is to SEO.

In an organic search journey, SEO and UX are intertwined through the information architecture and linking conventions used on the site.

So, how can you take SEO data points and turn them into insights that shape your UX?

Let’s explore how “Information Architecture” (the framework of your site) and “Linking Hierarchy” (your site’s pathways or web of links) can be used to create a user experience tailor-made for your user’s needs.

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